About us

We strive for excellence and live by our core values, which are best summarised by our QWEST Principal

Our core values underpin the way in which we conduct our operation, are completely integrated into our daily business operations and are reflected within our internal culture.

  • Q – Quality – Not just for our clients – for all stakeholders. Our clients, tenants, managers, suppliers and sub-contractors expect the highest quality and Hencon aim to deliver.
  • W– Workmanship. From small projects to large scale projects our workmanship is consistent throughout.
  • E – Excellence – We demand excellence in what we do and hold ourselves to high levels of account.
  • S– Safety, for workers and visitors. We place the safety of all staff very high and maintain this through all projects.
  • T– Time – Deliver projects on time every time.

Quality, Safety & Environmental

Hencon Group P/L is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our employees, contractors, clients and visitors to our workplaces. Our policies and procedures are written to comply with the relevant Australian Standard.

Health and Safety Policy:

  • Ensuring compliance to OH&S legislation as relevant to our business
  • Implementation of our OH&S procedures across the business
  • Providing our employees with the necessary tools and training to maintain a safe work environment
  • Providing adequate supervision at our workplaces
  • Investigation and reporting of all incidents so that systems and procedures can be modified as required to improve the work environment
  • Promoting a culture of ‘Safety First’ in business.

Environmental Policy:

Hencon Group P/L is a leading service provider to the construction industry. We are committed to the implementation of construction methods that benefit the environment in which we live and work.
As a group we commit to:

  • Maintaining compliance with relevant statutory regulations and environmental standards
  • Implementation of project specific environmental plans
  • Strive for best practice to achieve ecological and resource sustainability
  • Implement best practice for waste management and pollution control procedures
  • Encourage environmentally friendly recycling
  • Use of materials where possible that have low impact on the environment
  • Continual training of personnel on environmental policy standards and procedures
  • Continually review and update our company procedures to reflect current best practice

Our Services

We offer a range of specialty remedial construction and associated services to all of our clients. The services we provide are services we have extensive expertise in. They are detailed below, and we are happy to take the time to meet with you and explain in detail any of the services we undertake.


Remediation Work

Our remedial service is highly solutions focused. With a strong track record of successfully completing remedial
work we are skilled in applying solutions to commonly faced building maintenance issues.


Hencon specialises in the application of waterproof membranes and associated products on new and existing buildings.




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